Understanding the Role of a Title Company in Real Estate Transactions

In the world of real estate, whether you're purchasing a home in Queen Creek, AZ, refinancing in Gilbert, AZ, or exploring mortgage options in Mesa, AZ, the role of a title company is pivotal. As a renowned mortgage broker, Brick Mortgage, led by Jared Halbert, often collaborates with title companies to ensure smooth property transactions for our clients. But what exactly does a title company do in a real estate transaction? Let's delve in.

Title Company: The Gatekeepers of Real Estate Transactions

  1. Title Search and Examination: A crucial function of a title company is conducting a thorough search of the property's title. They scrutinize historical records, including deeds, court records, property and name indexes, and many other documents to confirm the seller's legal right to transfer ownership.
  2. Addressing Title Issues: If issues like liens, boundary disputes, or outstanding mortgages are discovered, the title company works to resolve these before the transaction proceeds. This step is vital to ensure a “clear title” – meaning the property is free from legal encumbrances.
  3. Issuing Title Insurance: Title companies provide title insurance, protecting the buyer and the mortgage lender from future legal disputes over the property’s ownership. This insurance is crucial in safeguarding against potential financial loss.
  4. Facilitating Closing: Title companies often serve as the neutral third party in real estate transactions, handling the closing process. They ensure all necessary documents are signed and exchanged, and that the transaction adheres to the agreed-upon terms.
  5. Handling Funds: During the closing, the title company also manages the escrow account. They oversee the transfer of funds, including down payments and closing costs, ensuring that all financial aspects of the transaction are executed correctly.

Why Work with an Experienced Mortgage Broker?

Working with a knowledgeable mortgage broker like Brick Mortgage in the Arizona real estate market can significantly streamline your home purchase or refinancing process. Our team, including experienced mortgage loan officers, ensures seamless collaboration with title companies, real estate agents, and other parties involved.


In any real estate transaction in Queen Creek, Gilbert, or Mesa, AZ, the title company plays a crucial role in ensuring the legal transfer of property ownership. Their expertise in title searches, insurance, and closing facilitation is invaluable. At Brick Mortgage, we recognize the importance of these services and work closely with title companies to ensure a smooth, transparent, and efficient transaction for our clients, helping you secure your home loan with confidence and peace of mind.

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